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The new way of vacations?


When we feel good what we do becomes good too. /Kjell Enhager (worldfamous coach)

I think it is important to give ourselves what we need to feel good because then life works much better and we can get into a flow.

And when do we feel the best, well often it is on vacation. What if we could take one more vacation once a year, or a longweekned extra to recharge the batteries.

That is why I joined the travelclub Dreamtrips in november 2014. Little did I know that I would take 10 vacations the first 12 months.


Dreamtrips is now the world´s leading travelclub and offer VIP-package trips to a reduced price. 5 star vacations to a 2-3 star price.


As a member of Dreamtrips we also have access to a bookingengine with a priceguarantee. This means that when we book a flight, hotel, hostel or other room through Dreamtrips you should not be able to find it to a lower price on the internet. If we do we get the difference +50% back in credit to use the next time we travel. I have saved 4000 Euro on 16 booked trips so then it is hard not to share my experiences.


You can read more about my jorneys and other texts I share on my swedish blog .

Below you find more information and if you want to know more feel free to contact my on johan@oceanharmony.se





Anybody can go into the site and look around but to see the members prices you need to be logged in. You can sign up on the site.

Click on Dreamtrips to see all Dreamtrips that are available for the moment. There are new added every week and an expected total of over 20000 during year 2017, it increases with about 100% a year. A Dreamtrip is a 5-star vacation with a discount around 20-50% compared to the best price online. A Dreamtrip can also be partly or even fully paid by points that you earn as a member.

”Book Other Travel” is a bookingengine like any other but with a unique priceguarantee, this means that if you find a flight or a room cheaper on the internet, Dreamtrips will reward you with the difference + 50% back in credit to use the next time you travel. You can also book rental cars, activities, and houses and apartments weekly.






















* Started 2005 in USA

* 2010 Finalists in Entrepeneur of the year by Ernst & Young

* Over 20 awards in World Travel Awards for example The world´s leading online travelagency 2016

* Revenue 2012 143 millon dollars, 2016 926 million dollars and expected to continue to grow dramatically over the coming years too

* Voluntaryprogram, for example built over 100 schools i Guatemala through WV Foundation. Here is a short video about the bottleschools and the impact it has in the lives of the children.

* Conciergeservice is included in the membership 24/7 all year

* Several hundreds of thousands of members and growing

* Smartcard – a new and unique payingsolution that is the worlds safest and smartest creditcard and can today replace 8 creditcards and lojaltycards and also has Bluetooth NFC and much more. In the near future there will be a lot more on this card

* Dreamtrips Local - Collaboration with thousands of local merchants all over the world. Go to a resturant, hire a boat or a car, go to a spa or other entertainment and get up to 80% of the bill back in points to use for travelling and soon more

* Dreamtrips app might be one of the world´s fastest growing app in history when publicly released and grow from several hundreds of thousands users to many millions. The team behind the development has experience from Facebook-messenger, Expedia, Ebay, Hotels.com and more. It is like Tripadvisor+Facebook+Instagram all in one BUT with one important difference.

In the Dreamtrips-app the users will be rewarded with points for travelling when they use it and share it. Facebook gives nothing back to it´s users. You will want to have this app before your contacts do, trust me!



To become a member

A membership includes everybody living under the same roof + 1 person, for example 1 family + 1 friend. Can be different friends on every trip.

Goldmembership 200 dollar in entry that you immediatly get back in credit to use to book one or several Dreamtrips, then 50 dollars a month that you on the exact day one year after entering will get back in credit to use for Dreamtrips the coming year, which by then is $600.

Platinum is for the one who travels more that 2-3 times a years or want more quality. 300 dollar in entry and 100 dollars a month. As a Platinum you get for example special Platinum-trips, uppgrades, an extra credit to use on your vacation, transports , massage, more kickback when you use the bookingengine and an extra insurance in case of emergencies.




"Refer a friend"

Dreamtrips wants to become the largets community in the industry without doing any commercial. The best commercial is satisfied customers and if you recommend Dreamtrips to a friend/company/association and give the company 4 new members then the company thanks you by waiving your monthly fees forever!

AND you still get your annual credit of 600 dollars as a gold member or 1200 dollar as a platinum member. This means that if you refer 4 memberships once in your life you are rewarded by Dreamtrips with up to 1200 dollars a year to use for vacations every year for the rest of your life (as long as at least 4 remain active members).

I believe that to have this membership for free is an amazing opportunity and if you want to take advantage of this send me and email and I might be able to help you.

This is also why I quit my massagebusiness to focus my business on Dreamtrips and vacations and I became a Professional Traveller.





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